Flour & Fern

Freezer Items

In December I added a freezer to the Local Goodness Marketplace in Mac Market. It is filled with breads, treats, and bake-at-home items. AND you have access to it all of Mac Mkt’s open hours.

Items include:
– Sandwich Bread (sliced)
– Cinnamon Raisin / Cinnamon Swirl Bread (sliced)
– French Bread
– Sourdough Bread (vegan)
– Focaccia
– Olive Bread
– Pizza Dough
– Ice Cream Sandwiches (vegan)
– Carmelita
– Fudge Brownie
– Pumpkin Bread (loaves)
– Bake-at-Home Cookies (variety of kinds)
– Bake-at-Home Cinnamon Rolls (6 pack)

Just to give a few tips on these items…

1) Cookie baking directions are HERE.
2) Cinnamon Roll baking directions are HERE.
3) Thaw pizza dough by placing it in the fridge overnight. Then follow THESE instructions for making delicious pizza.
4) I put sliced breads in the freezer and pull out slices as I need them, even going directly into a toaster oven from the freezer. If you would prefer, you can pull out the slices and leave them on the counter for a few hours to thaw through.
5) French Bread, Focaccia, & Olive Bread can be thawed on the counter or placed in a 400 degree oven for about 10-20 minutes. I believe the same is true for sourdough though I have not tried it personally. I thaw most breads on the counter unless I need it asap.
6) Carmelitas can be thawed on the counter or in the fridge.
7) I prefer the Fudge Brownies frozen (they have about the same texture, but the chocolate chips freeze for a great crunch), but feel free to thaw them on the counter if you prefer.
8) Thaw Pumpkin Bread by placing it on the counter for a few hours. (I think it tastes just as good this way as it does fresh!) – Currently the loaves come whole, but I’ve had many people as about sliced so I may change over to that. If you have an opinion please let me know!