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Baking Cinnamon Rolls at Home

Bake-at-Home Cinnamon Rolls from the Flour & Fern freezer at Mac Mkt… The PERFECT thing for Christmas morning or any brunch celebration.

Now you can enjoy Flour & Fern cinnamon rolls right from your own home. Hot out of the oven and just as delicious as ever.

I did a lot of trialing for how to make these cinnamon rolls, and not one of them turned out bad. SO don’t worry, you’re going to do great and your cinnamon rolls are going to taste delicious. (pretty much no matter what you do!

There are 2 different options for baking your cinnamon rolls:
– One that gives you the fluffiest, most tender cinnamon rolls
– And one that makes baking cinnamon rolls at home an easy, no fuss job while still giving you dang delicious results.

The two options are outlined below (please read the * following it as well). If you have questions, find F&F on social media or submit to mary@flourandfern.com. Happy baking!

*Please keep in mind these are guidelines. Your experience will vary depending on the temperature in your house and how your oven works.
The two hour rise time should work no matter what. They may not look like they have risen much, but that’s okay! Two hours is enough. They do most of their growing IN THE OVEN.
And bake times can vary! So don’t be afraid to keep baking them if they don’t seem done. The risen ones may take 35-40 min in the oven and the frozen ones may take an hour. What you want is for the end product to be dark brown on the outside and have an internal temperature of 200 degrees. They should hold their shape when you push on them – they shouldn’t squish in like dough, but should maintain the circular structure.

*If you forgot to grab your bag of powdered sugar when you picked up your tray of cinnamon rolls, just use about 1 3/4 cup powdered sugar to make your frosting – the frosting should be pretty thick, but still easily pourable*