Flour & Fern

About the Owner

|| MY STORY ||

I have had a dream of opening a bakery since I was very little. Growing up I would drag chairs around the kitchen to stand on so I could reach ingredients and see over the counter. I would make pancakes for all guests that came and desserts for any birthdays in the family. And there was no shortage of experimenting with recipes and the kitchen as a whole. 

For many years the vision of owning a business seemed so far out and near impossible. Yet still I would dream up what a space may look like, how a menu might be put together, and even thought through some numbers. (I have a menu for a gluten free French Toast food cart in my wallet… haha)
In early 2019, doors began to open in front of me and I decided to go for it! After a fruitful season of Farmer’s Markets, I opened the storefront inside of Mac Mkt. It was February 2020. Which as you all know, was right before covid hit.

It was a crazy year and a half running the business through the pandemic. I had many faithful customers whom I am so grateful for! But when it came down to it, I realized I like the creative side of baking and recipe testing more than I like owning a business and baking the same items over and over. So, June 2021 I decided to close the shop and move on to the next adventure! Which, in my case is a cookbook. 🙂

Baking has always been my passion, something that gives me joy and sparks my creativity. Being gluten and dairy free myself, I noticed a big market for gluten free goods that actually looked and tasted great. No more ugly and strange tasting gluten free. While the ingredients may be limited, the flavor and texture certainly does not have to be! And so, I’m now turning all those loved recipes from the storefront into a cookbook! So hopefully you can make good gluten free right in your own home.

Thank you so much to all my great customers, family, and friends who have been supporting this dream of mine, following along in the journey, and inspiring me to continually bake & create.

Mary Wenrich