Flour & Fern

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend and supported Flour & Fern for the last weekend! Looks like my freezer got cleared and everything, so that’s a wrap!

So thankful for Mac Mkt. I’ve loved being a part of their space and community! Please continue to support them long after I’m gone! 🙂

And I’m not gone gone, just without a storefront anymore.
As you know, I am working on a cookbook!
And I’m hoping to be available for special orders soon. I’ll keep you updated as I need to do some things to make it official before I can start producing for you! And please keep in mind my house is not completely gluten free, so I apologize to those of you that are celiac as you would be at high risk of cross contamination if ordering from me in the future.

Stay cool out there folks! It’s going to be a hot couple days.

Thanks again,


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