Flour & Fern

If you haven’t yet seen the video…

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the video I posted on Instagram and Facebook, let me update you!

  • FIRST of all, the sad news:
    Flour & Fern will be CLOSING at the end of June.
    (June 26th to be exact.)
  • SECOND, the fun news:
    I am writing a COOKBOOK! Yay!
    I’m so excited about this I can hardly handle it. 🙂

    If you would like to be a recipe tester I would LOVE your help in developing my cookbook. Please click HERE for a link to a survey that will help me decide which recipe(s) to send your way. Please keep in mind you will need to be able to obtain the ingredients, bake the product, and provide feedback on your experience.

If you want to go watch the video that explains a bit more of why I’m closing and what the future looks like for Flour & Fern, go HERE (Facebook) or HERE (Instagram).

Thank you!
– Mary

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