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Thursday & Friday Menus!

Thursday 4/16:

Sandwich Bread – great for toast, sandwiches, and much more! ($9.50)

Olive Bread Loaf – soft bread with olives & garlic ($6)

Pizza Dough – make pizza at home! ($5)

Banana Bread ($3.50)

Lemon Lavender Bundtlette – lemon cake with lavender glaze ($4)

Brownie ($3.50)

Carmelita – oats, pecans, chocolate, coconut caramel ($4)

Cowboy Cookie – oats, coconut, dried cranberry, butterscotch ($1.50)

Friday 4/17

Sourdough [V] ($5)

Focaccia – Italian flatbread with herbs ($6)

Maple Walnut Scone [V] – walnut scone with maple glaze ($3.75)

Berry Bar [V] – raspberries and blackberries with a crumble topping ($4)

Pecan Square – think pecan pie, but bar form with a shortbread crust ($4)

Carmelita [V] – oats, pecans, chocolate, coconut caramel ($4)

Snickerdoodle [V] – classic cookie with cinnamon ($1.50)

As always…

  1. Message me with your orders via Facebook / Instagram / Email (mary@flourandfern.com) and leave your delivery address!
  2. I will send you an invoice via email (please include your email address in your message).
  3. We will deliver your goodies to your door mid day on that Thursday and/or Friday.

*If you live outside McMinnville or Newberg, please still contact me! If you can drive into Newberg in the morning we can likely make a pick up happen!*


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