Flour & Fern

SALEM again on Wednesday!

ALL of you Salem area people: I’ll be doing a drop at Isaac’s again on Wednesday! Here are the offerings:


Sandwich Bread ($9.50)

Rosemary Rolls ($5)

Banana Bread Mini Loaf ($3.25)

*Berry Almond Scone ($3.75)

*Blueberry Crumb Muffin ($2.50)

Lemon Lavender Bundtlette ($4)

Brownie ($3.50)

*Pecan Square ($4)

Cowboy Cookie ($1.50)

We will do it same as last week…

  1. Send me your order via Facebook / Instagram / Email (mary@flourandfern.com)!
  2. I will send you an invoice via email (make sure to include your email address in the message).
  3. Your goodies will be delivered to Isaac’s Downtown for pickup in the afternoon! There will be a table with bags & boxes with peoples’ names on them… all you have to do is walk in and grab yours! (Well, and maybe grab a drink form Isaac’s because that’s what I would do. :))

*If you live in the McMinnville surrounding areas and Wednesday is the best day for you to come pick up, please let me know and we will likely be able to set up a pick up in the morning.*


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